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Tours of Rome by car

I've been driving around Rome tourists from all over the world for more than 40 years and so I think I can say I know what I'm doing... Lately I discovered that showing them around in a golf cart is a lot more fun for me and for them, but sometimes the weather just isn't clement enough to let us run around in the buggies and so, back to the car or the minivan! Also, some people may think that a Mercedes, sedan or minivan, is much better driving in than a golf cart and, in this case, I'll have no problem pleasing them!

So, in this page, I'd like to give everyone an idea of what one can see in a half day or full day driving around my city.

Naturally the car, and especially the minivan, are quite cumbersome and very seldom I manage to find a space where to park it to walk around with my clients to enter a church, or any other place. What I end up doing, most of the time, is tell about the sites from the car and them let the people explore the place on their own while I remain guarding the vehicle against "ticket-happy" cops! This is what everyone else in this business does anyway, but whenever I can park the car and go walking around with my clients, I'm happy!

However, there are some things that make touring with me better than many other of the drivers/guides who advertise themselves on the web, for example, if I take you to the catacombs, I don't just wait outside while you join a group and tour the catacombs with one of the official guides of the place, I take you on your own private tour!

There's a lot to see in Rome, the proverb says it takes longer than a lifetime to see this city, but you've got to start from somewhere! A lot of brain-washed tourists think that if they come to Rome they absolutely should not miss the Sistine Chapel. Well, the Sistine is certainly something one should see, but surely not the only interesting site in Rome. As a matter of fact, it's not even in Rome, it's in the Vatican, which a separate country J. For those who need to split things up, label them and put them in a grid, I will suggest to arrange their visit to this thus: three half days, the first half day tour the city and get acquainted with it, the Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona , the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps should be your main targets, plus anything else you can fit in. Second half day, tour the excavations of the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. It's a walking tour, it takes minimum three hours and I would recommend to hire a personal guide or at least an audio guide. Finally the Vatican, another three-hour walking tour during which you should see the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and, the most spectacular of all, St. Peter's Basilica.

Seagulls rule! This guy was giving a speach...

Fundamental Rome, the tour to familiarize with Rome.

Rome, Trevi Fountain

A lot of people ask me if, when I take people on a tour, I just drive. The answer is no, besides commenting the sites we stop to at or drive by the way they deserve, I also stop frequently to let the people take their pictures and walk inside the buildings or do whatever else needs to be done while we tour around.

The Trevi fountain, Piazza Navona , the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps will be the main attractions visited during this half-day tour, which will take four hours. During the tour we stop at each one of above mentioned places look at them properly. I'll let you toss your coin into the Trevi Fountain, walk inside the Pantheon, climb the Spanish Steps (if you have that kind of energy), walk around Piazza Navona and all that. However, there we'll pass by a lot of other interesting places as we drive from one of the above mentioned sites to another and they'll all be pointed out to you and commented, you can be sure!

Depending on how the tour goes on, traffic plays an important role, we may end up having the time for a good "cappuccino" or a "gelato", like the idea?

View of the Pantheon and its surroundings

Ancient Rome, a walking tour or a panoramic driving tour.

Castor and Pollux on the Capitol Hill

As you probably read at the beginning of this page, if you want to tour the ruins of Ancient Rome, you have to walk for at least three hours and explore the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. But if you don't have the time or the energy to do that, than I come in and help!

I can take you on a panoramic tour and show you all the above mentioned places from the outside and you'll see everything without having to walk on uneven surface in the dust and the heat. How will I make it happen?

I'll drive you to the top of the Capitol Hill and, not only you'll get to see the quite spectacular view of the Roman Forum from there, but you'll also see the beautiful square that Michelangelo designed on top of the hill! Well drive to the top of the Aventine Hill and you'll see the view of the ruins on the Imperial Palaces on the Palatine Hill, I'll take you to the Esquiline and Celian Hills and you'll see the view of both sides of the Colosseum. We'll drive by the Theatre of Marcellus and more... It's a great tour, you'll enjoy Ancient Rome in full comfort!

However, if you should like to walk around the excavations I will provide a guide for you and get you the tickets so you'll not have to stand in line to enter the place.

Tour of the Vatican, a walking tour. Vatican Museums, Gallery of Candelabra.

I'll come to meet you at your hotel and drive you to the Vatican. Once there, I'll introduce to one of my guides who'll tour you through the Vatican and I'll come to meet you again, at the end of your tour, to drive you back to your place.

Otherwise, I can drop you off there at the end of a morning half-day tour of Rome and you can just take a taxi back at the end of your Vatican tour. This way you'll save the money it would cost you to have me, or another driver, wait outside while you tour the Vatican.

In fact, this could be the best thing to do, not only it makes you save money, but the Vatican is also less crowded in the afternoon than it is in the morning.

The guide will take you through the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

Be prepared, this is a tiring tour! You will not be able to sit down for three hours and the place is always crowded, especially in the summer and there's no air conditioning in the place, except for the Sistine and the Gallery of Tapestries.

If standing or walking all this time you can use a wheel chair, provided free of charge at the entrance of the Vatican Museums.

If you want to make sure you skip the line at the entrance, all you need to do is to get tickets on line from the Vatican's website. Do not believe those websites that say guides can make you skip the line, it's not true, they just get the tickets on line for you and charge you for doing that. The link you need to get your Vatican tickets is the following:


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View of Rome



Angels and Demons Castle of the Saint Angel

You read the book or saw the movie and you want to see the places where the Cardinals where killed? Would you like to follow Robert Langdon's footsteps and make you some of the antimatter wasn't left behind? I'm ready to take you to see the Fabulous churches of Santa Maria del Popolo for the Chigi Chapel and to Santa Maria Della Vittoria to see the statue of Saint Theresa by Bernini. Of course you'll be taken to the Pantheon to see the tomb of Raphael.

We'll go to the Castle of the Saint Angel, but we'll only see it from the outside, because touring the inside requires a few hours. But if you want to tour the castle, I can drop you off there at the end of the tour.

We'll drive along the "Passetto" wall which connects the Castle of the Saint Angel with the Papal residence at the Vatican and which the popes used as an escape route in case of danger to run and take refuge in the Castle.

In Piazza Navona you'll see the fountain where the "Hassassin" drowns the last of the last of the fourth Cardinal (dies in the book, survives in the movie).

The only place where I will not take you is St. Peter's Square and that's because I presume you'll be touring the Vatican and you'll be able to see the "West Ponente" marble disk on the floor when you'll come out of St. Peter's at the end of your Vatican tour. It's not hard to find.

You'll see these places during your tour, but you'll also see a lot of other interesting sites while driving around and, why not, you'll also have the opportunity to stop for some good "gelato" or "cappuccino".

Oh, you want a Coke? Ok...

View of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

Full day tour of Rome

You want me to show you around Rome for the full day? That's great, you'll have a good time, I promise you! What do you see in a full day? Well, basically, that's up to you! In a day's time you can see a lot. For example you can combine two of the above mentioned tours and see the main highlights of Rome in the morning and Ancient Rome in the afternoon. The tour can also include the catacombs and the Old Appian Way. We'll stop for lunch at some little, authentic, out of the way "trattoria" for some genuine Roman cuisine. I'll show you some curiosities a tourist wouldn't know about or, if you know Rome already, we can spend the entire day checking out places off the beaten path, if that sounds enticing to you.

The churches of Santa Maria del Popolo and Santa Maria Della Vittoria are full of great works of art made by Bernini, Michelangelo etcetera and you'll be pleased to visit them if if you're not interested in Angels and Demons.

Most of the works of art in Rome are housed in churches and I'd like to show a few others besides the ones I just mentioned: St. Augustine, Mary Magdalene's, St. Ives, St. Carlino and others. But we do not necessarily have to go from one church to another for the whole day. How would you like to see the ruins of the Roman Aqueducts and learn how they worked?  Would you like to see the ruins of a Roman Villa and have a picnic right there? How about watching a cannon fire? It happens every day in Rome!


The fountain of the Mermaids


Rome by night

Tour Rome at night and see all the fantastic monuments all lit up. We'll drive to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter's Square, the Capitol Hill, the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps, Pantheon, Castle of the Saint Angel, Pincio Terrace and much more.
You'll be met at your hotel and driven around Rome for about two hours making stops at the most important sites for you to enjoy and take pictures. Remember, to take pictures at night, you'll need a tripod. If you don't have one, you can buy it for a few Euros from the street vendors.

In the summer months, sunset happens around 8:30 / 9:00 pm, so may want to have dinner before the tour. Just let us know where you'll be having your dinner and we'll come to meet you there.  We can suggest a nice place for you if you ask.

If you're not staying in a hotel downtown, one of those out in the boondocks with no decent restaurant nearby, we can come to meet you at your hotel, take you to a nice, typical, restaurant downtown where you can eat outdoors and enjoy Rome's quaint atmosphere around you.

Depending on where your hotel is located, we may end up doing some sightseeing on the way to the restaurant and then continue after dinner.

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