Tour of Rome and the vatican for the disabled
Wheel chair lift at the Vatican

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Tours of Rome and the Vatican for the disabled


In the forty years plus that I've been in this business, I have driven around a lot of people who had problems walking and people who were so seriously handicapped that I literally had to lift them to get them into the car. It wasn't easy for neither of us, so the tours were never what I would have wanted them to be. Each time we reached a site and we had to get out, it was always some serious strain we had to go through. Get the wheelchair, move from the car to the wheelchair and push it around to see something that sometimes was just around the corner!
Some of them, after going through that three or four times, tired and wanted to go back to the hotel.
Then one day I had a great idea, I rented a street legal golf cart for a person who couldn't walk well and it turned out being a winner!
It's very easy to get in and out of the golf buggies and they're electric and so are permitted to drive almost anywhere.
People can take pictures without having to get out because I can pull up really close to any of the sites they want to photograph.

So I can take people around everywhere in Rome, just as if it was a walking tour, but we don't walk! After experimenting with rented golf carts, which were not really designed to do what I needed them to do, I decided to get my own. One in which driver and passengers would all sit facing forward and that would have room to accommodated a wheelchair.

Fortunately, I wasn't left alone doing this, a couple of friends of mine were just as enthusiast about the idea that we got together in a coop and we bought a few of them.

We're ready to show you around in one of these golf buggies and we're sure you'll love it just like all of those that toured with us this way and like us, because we love it too!

We'll drive you all over Rome, show all the places you want see in full comfort.

We'll show you around Rome in a comfortable golf cart driving the back streets where cars aren't allowed or don't fit.

We'll arrange your tour of the Vatican with a guide and a wheelchair, if you don't have your own, and we'll drive you there and back.



The tour of Rome by golf cart.

The best tour of Rome for the disabled with mobility problems.

Special golf cart with all the seats facing forward and cargo box for a wheel chair.

The golf cart tour finally makes Rome accessible to disabled persons, even those who cannot walk at all will enjoy touring Rome effortlessly and thoroughly.

We cannot take you inside buildings, but we'll take you right to the doorstep of the site you want to visit. In any case will take you much closer to the sites than any other kind of transportation you may use could take you!

The best way to tour Rome for you even if you can't walk at all, or if you can only walk short distances.

The most ecological, comfortable, instructive, disabled friendly tour of Rome you can possibly get!

The golf cart tour is not just a driving tour! We will stop at the sites and let you get out of the cart to stroll through the squares, tour the inside of the monuments and churches or to toss your coin at the Trevi Fountain.
During the tour we'll also take you to a great place for "gelato" and for lunch, if you choose to go on a full-day tour.


View of St.Peter's

The Vatican and the disabled    

Entrance fees

Free admission at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

People with permanent disabilities and one person who accompanies them, do not have to pay the admission fee to enter the Vatican Museums.

If the disability isn't obvious though, then it must be proved by a certificate.

You don't need to line up either! But the persons who will accompany you, if more than one, do need to buy a ticket, so you better get them on line with a reservation, just to be sure they don't have to stand in line.

This is the link you need:

Wheel chair

If you have have problems walking and standing for a long time, you can use a wheel chair. Wheel chairs are available free of any charge at the Vatican Museums.

You cannot reserve for a wheel chair and consequently if a wheel chair isn't available at the time you enter the Vatican Museums you'll just have to wait for someone to bring one back.

These wheel chairs though, can only be used in the Museums and the Sistine Chapel, you cannot take the wheel chair with you to St. Peter's Basilica, therefore you'll either have to skip St. Peter's Basilica or walk it. Or rent a wheel chair to take to the Vatican with you.

Permanent disabilities

We are sure that those with serious walking problems will come prepared and will have their own wheel chair, but otherwise we'll be happy to help them rent one!
Renting a wheel chair

If your disability is such that you cannot walk through St. Peter's you'll have to rent a wheel chair for this tour. If you don't know where to rent a wheel chair from, we can help you. We can get you a wheel chair to use for the whole tour of the Vatican.

The cost of renting the wheel chair is 25 Euros.

We can get you an electric scooter as well, but it's more  complicated to get around the Vatican in a scooter. The wheel chair works a lot better.

wheel chair lift at the Vatican


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